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Dry Coolers

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Our dry air coolers provide effective heat dissipation without the need of water consumption.

Using an induction process, the induced cold air, causes hot air to rise and omit the cooling system through ventilation at the top of the system. An all-round industrial cooling system, dry coolers can be used in near all environments such as data centres, office buildings, power generation, or hospitals. Browse standard dry coolers we offer below or get in touch to discuss bespoke requirements.

Dry Air Cooler Systems

A highly efficient heat exchange cooling system, dry coolers use convection and conduction to dissipate heat to the air using the fans mounted on top of the dry cooling unit, either using air or fluid in an adiabatic system. For the dry cooler system to work the temperature of the air needs to be cooler than the fluid in the system. They most commonly come in V and W bed configurations and are often seen in data centres where excess heat needs to be removed, but certain low humidity levels are not required.

After the initial installation a dry air cooler has a very low overall operating cost, due to both its durable and high-quality materials which make it resistant to types of corrosion and damage, as well as the lack of liquid evaporation which takes place, completely eliminating the need to make-up lost water. Sometimes referred to as free cooling, dry cooling systems are designed to be extremely effective and low-maintenance.

Along with not requiring a constant water supply, the heat generated by dry fluid coolers can be channeled directly into other processes. This reduces wasted energy and improves the overall efficiency of the dry cooler system design

 If you’re a smaller business, or just looking to maximise floor space, the convenient separation of components makes dry cooling systems a great compact cooling solution. At IPC we supply a range of dry coolers, adiabatic coolers and air-cooled condensers in a variety of specifications to meet the size requirements of as many businesses as we can, however if there isn’t one to suit you we also design bespoke dry cooling systems tailored to your requirements to ensure you receive the most effective dry air cooler system possible.

With so many benefits for such a variety of industries, ranging from data centres, hospitals and office buildings to power generation and industrial processes, we’ll help your business choose the dry cooler that’s right for you. Browse our product range online or contact a member of our team today!

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