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Fuel Oil Coolers

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Having done extensive research, development, and testing, IPC are confident that our fuel oil coolers are one of the heaviest duty cooling systems available on the market.

Great for long-term performance in stressful environments with dust, dirt, extreme heat and cold, or humidity, our fuel oil coolers are up to the job. Our quality-assured oil coolers are effective in all industrial environments and are also rated for light-use environments. Take a look at our selection of fuel oil coolers or talk with our friendly team to discuss your unique requirements.

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Our Fuel Oil Coolers

The purpose of fuel oil coolers is in the name, it cools the temperature of the oil leaving the bearings.

What happens if the oil overheats? Oil will start degrading rapidly when temperatures are consistently high, also damaging most sealed compounds that contain the oil. Fuel oil should be regularly serviced so that the engine runs as smoothly as possible, saving you many repair costs in the long run.

The way oil coolers work is by forcing cold air onto the hot oil fluid, water coolers are also effective, however, they require topping up with water regularly - not an ideal solution for businesses looking to reduce keep costs.

At the Industrial Power Cooling UK, we have designed fuel oil coolers to last longer as well as optimising the performance of machinery. Many people do not understand how many types of oil coolers there are. 

With over 20 years of expertise, knowledge & experience, you can rely on the experts to choose an appropriate solution depending on the types of machinery operated within your business.

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