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Electrical Control Panels

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Bespoke electrical control panels can be built for all applications. Frequently used for the control of fans, either EC control or AC with inverters fuses wiring breakers and contacts.

Our electrical control panels can be fitted with a range of devices including emergency shutdown (ESD) switch, alarms, and buzzers. IPC create bespoke control panels to suit your operational needs and ensure a safe supply of electricity to important equipment and machinery.

Electrical control panel with inverters, fuses, wiring, breakers and contacts.

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Our Custom Electrical Control Panels

At Industrial Power Cooling UK, our bespoke electrical control panels are  specifically designed for your business to control fans and their electrical components.

There are various components of electrical control panels, to name a few:

  • Main circuit breaker: manages the power outlet, it will cut the circuit if there is an electrical overload or a short-circuit 
  • Surge arresters: Prevents lightning strikes, highly effective for electrical control panels located outside or on the roof.
  • Terminal blocks: Organises and distributes wires coming from different electrical devices.

Electricity is a common hazard especially to those businesses which rely on it to operate. Regular maintenance and safety checks must be carried out for everyone’s safety.

Best practises include:

  • Clear & correctly labelled components, terminals and wiring
  • Pest control - especially in underfloor wiring
  • Monitoring & assessing the condition of electrical components i.e carrying out risk assessments
  • Protection from dust 

No 2 businesses or electrical systems are the same and that’s why we create bespoke units that work for your operations. IPC UK have over 20 years worth of experience in designing bespoke electrical control panels adapted for your business.

Electrical control panel with inverters, fuses, wiring, breakers and contacts.