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Uninterruptible Power Systems

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Don’t let unexpected power disruption affect your business operations.

UPS systems provide continual power when an interruption in mains power is detected. Uninterruptible power systems help mitigate an issues when there’s a lapse in power supply. Applications include use in data centers, telecommunications, medical centers and more.

Our uninterruptible power supply systems are indispensable for many industries across the world.

Our uninterruptible power supply systems are indispensable for many industries across the world. Whether it's the case of a telecom company who requires 24/7 power to broadcast TV and radio shows across the UK, or simply a local shop owner who requires constant power for CCTV, access control and alarm systems, a UPS power supply can be a lifesaving resource for many businesses.

Choosing IPC to install an uninterruptible power system for your company ensures you always have access to an emergency power supply the UPS will automatically switch to in the case of a power blackout or other power variances to prevent any damage it may cause.. Ensure you protect against all chances of spikes, surges, brownouts, and even against long-term power outages to keep your business up and running when you need it the most.

If you work with sensitive data or important documents, UPS systems prevent the loss of important data or unsaved work in the case of an outage, power surge or any other interruption you may run into. Eliminate the chance of glitches and save time and resources which can be wasted once valuable documents are lost.

Here are just some of the industries and applications that UPS power systems plug with invaluable power every day:

  • Data and call centres
  • Office blocks
  • Security systems
  • Hospitals and medical centres
  • Utility Companies
  • Banks and the finance industry
  • Military communications
  • Universities
  • Telecommunications
  • TV stations
  • Data centres
  • Sports and event venues
  • Production-based manufacturers
  • Festivals
  • Electronics manufacturers
  • Call centres

If you think that installing an uninterruptible power supply on your property will benefit your business, browse the UPS systems we have to offer or enquire online today to keep your business up and running, no matter what comes your way.

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