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Containerised Generator Cooler or eCooler

ECooler Industrial radiator, dry cooler. Used for all types of applications like generator cooling, CHP, Data centre cooling, Bespoke Container design, Engine cooling, Generator cooling. For a plug and play solution into a shipping container with coils either side and fans on the top with inspection chambers. Cooling capacity 100 – 3000Kw, Number of fans 4-20 Fan dimensions 800mm, 910mm 1250mm, 1250mm. Air flow up to 450,000 m3/h. AC or EC Fans, 50Hz- 60Hz. UL Listed motors, CSA, USA and Canadian markets for CHP and Power generation projects. Special fin treatment Epoxy, Almg, Blygold. C5 marine top coat paint. Bespoke electrical panels with fuses relays breakers alarms to control your generator signals. Inverter control and special shielded cable for less interference. Industrial application. Adiabatic systems installed if requested. Low noise emissions.

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