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Crossness Sewage Treatment Works

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Working in partnership with Thames Water.

Cooling skids designed manufactured and installed on site with remote cooling radiators meeting, stringent deadlines and walking away with a happy customer.

IPC were able to provide a complete cooling solution in the form of secondary cooling as the site didn’t have enough space for the remote coolers by the generating set we were able to design a plug and play cooling skid local to the engine in the form of a plate heat exchanger cooling island with duty and standby pumps, header tank , isolation valves and a small electrical control panel. The plate heat exchangers were cooled by the remote radiators on the concrete plinth. As this was a very salt laden and environmentally challenging site with H2s in the atmosphere we were able to offer marine C5M paint and Epoxy treated fin protection with stainless steel headers and tubes. The whole system was installed by IPC in a close loop system where the customer was very happy. Established for over 20 years, our team have extensive knowledge and experience in providing bespoke cooling solutions across a range of markets. We have spent a great deal of time in the industry hand picking our principle partners in order to provide the best possible service and quality products that the industry has to offer.

Sewage treatment works in partnership with Thames Water