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Specialist Fin Treatment

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When selecting the right cooling system, corrosion protection and your environment should be an important consideration.

Preventing corrosion is a key factor when considering the lifespan and effectiveness of your cooling system. Effective corrosion protection can not only keep your system running smoothly for longer, it reduces the risk of high pressure failures, early replacements and increased power consumption.

Using specialist Fin Treatment, IPC can provide a long-lasting and resilient corrosion protection for a wide variety of cooling systems. Our advanced coating is suitable for both copper and aluminium parts, sealing the units off from the environment, without affecting heat transfer and pressure drop.

IPC can offer Blygold, Heresite, Epoxy and Electrofin ALMg. We work closely with the customer to give the best cost and longevity basis. There are also options to use a specialist top coat C5M paints for the hot dip galvanised casings and structures.

Get in touch with our experts and see how Fin Treatment can benefit your system.

specialist Fin Treatment for corrosion protection