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Brazed Heat Exchangers

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Our BHPEs or Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers are some of the most efficient and compact heat exchangers we offer.

Using plate technology, brazed heat exchangers transfer heat through conduction of plate materials. BPHEs can take as little as a quarter the room needed for normal heat exchangers, and so are ideal for small spaces. Our wide range of brazed options also provide great cost-effectiveness when compared to gasketed solutions and efficient heat transfer packed into a robust construction with corrosion resistance.

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Our Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Our brazed plate heat exchangers are available in various connection sizes and can be used for various applications including heat pumps, swimming pools, water heating, solar heating, refrigerant evaporators and condensers, and more - suitable for various flow rates and pressures.

We manufacture bespoke brazed heat exchangers in stainless steel with copper or nickel brazing to ensure our products meet your requirements. 

Using plate technology means your 2 products can transfer heat without ever mixing, efficiently, and with little room taken up to achieve this. Our fully sealed designs are highly thermal efficient and are very competitively priced, get in touch today for a quote!

Brazed heat exchangers are great conductors of heat meaning that it transfers energy using plate technology. The design is impeccable saving you space, energy and maintenance costs.

How does IPC UK do that at the same time? Firstly, if compared to other heat exchangers of the same kind, brazed heat exchangers are roughly a quarter of the size of most conventional plate heat exchangers. Transferring heat from plate to plate must damage the system, right? 

The answer is no, brazed heat exchangers are designed without a gasket making them less prone to leakages and repairs - almost every part is used to transfer heat increasing efficiency & performance.  

Due to high turbulent flows, brazed heat exchangers often clean themselves, however in some cases where there are risks of fouling & scaling they will require additional cleaning procedures by circulating a cleaning liquid through it.

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