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Plate Heat Exchangers

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IPC distribute high quality heat exchangers and have the software to size and price any heat exchanger from brazed to gasketed.

We also have a team of dedicated site engineers to service and repair on site with gasket changers and crack die penetrate testing all gives a service to enable trouble free running of your system.

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Our Plate Heat Exchangers

Our gasketed plate heat exchangers are fitted with sheets of elastomeric gaskets, which provide a strong seal to prevent fluids from mixing or leaking while also creating channels through which fluid can be directed. The pack of plates are assembled between a frame plate and a pressure plate which is compressed by tightening bolts between the plates.

The design of the plate to plate heat exchanger means it can be easily dismantled for cleaning and maintenance by removing the bolts to separate the gaskets. It also makes repairing damages quicker and simpler as the broken gaskets can be removed and replaced without needing to replace any of the others. For this same reason, gasketed plate heat exchangers can also be easily adapted and expanded by adding or removing the plates, which changes the heating/cooling capacity for different operational conditions.

Due to its design, our gasketed heat exchanger is extremely durable and cost-efficient. The plates have a high resistance to corrosion and damage, along with the smooth plate surface and high turbulence which make the gaskets less likely to foul, this type of heat exchanger has lower maintenance and operating costs than other plate cooling and heating systems available.

Suitable for a range of applications involving heating and cooling, heat recovery, condensation and evaporation, our gasketed plate heat exchangers are ideal for heavy-duty applications such as district heating and cooling networks, HVAC, and even in industrial plants for waste heat recovery and pasteurisation.

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