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Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers

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Exhaust gas heat exchangers are used in mainly CHP for greenhouse applications and fluids which are hard to clean IPC have shell and tube software to design bespoke heat exchangers around your project requirements.

Installing an exhaust gas heat exchangers allows you to recover lost energy dispelled as heat and re-circulate that heat throughout your premises. Combined Heat & Power means waste energy can be turned into useful energy – making your system all that more efficient, businesses typically see a reduction in flue gas and a reduction in energy costs using our systems. At Industrial Power Cooling, we can offer a wide range of bespoke heat recovery solutions, get in touch today!

Cummins QSK60 exhaust silencer

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Our Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers (EGHE)

An exhaust gas heat exchanger recovers heat that is lost from combustion-powered engines, its energy is utilised to heat water keeping your central heating running effectively throughout your property. Either way, the engine’s exhaust system will burn fuel releasing heat into the atmosphere, it’s both efficient & cost-effective to use the excess heat for your heating needs.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a heat exchanger as they come in a variety of sizes depending on the size of your building. Choosing the right solution is what counts, Industrial Power Cooling has many years of experience in helping many commercial & residential to choose the appropriate EGHE systems.

Over the years our modern technology has helped us improve our EGHE systems reducing the size of our CO2 footprint on the environment as we are always looking for ways to prevent heat-releasing into the atmosphere.

Unlike air conditioning systems which are more complex systems, exhaust gas heat exchangers need less maintenance & last longer, IPC UK helps you save repair and maintenance costs.

To be effective, exhaust gas heat exchangers must run continuously without overheating, neither should it go below the recommended temperature either, as this allows room for condensation leading to premature engine failure.

Collecting waste energy and converting it into reusable heat can make your heat exchange system more efficient and environmentally friendly by lowering the amount of exhaust gas emissions released into the atmosphere. This effective solution can be installed wherever waste heat is generated by flue gases, including bakeries, hardening plants or plastic processing plants.

Exhaust gas heat exchangers Cummins QSV91 and QSK60