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With the new cutting-edge technology, we have the option to carry out FAT Factory Acceptance Tests in our research and development centre.

IPC can undertake performance testing and noise samples in laboratory conditions. Our manufacturers are Eurovent certification along with CE marking. And can carry out test under standard conditions (EN 1048) and noise LwA = dB(A) , LpA (EN13487) sound level (ISO9614-1). We can supply EC fans AC fans with inverters with 50Hz and 60Hz for the USA and Canadian markets with CSA and UL motor standards.

We can also provide ASMI U stamp. We can simulate ambient air conditions from – to + ~45°C with a maximum measurable capacity of 2.2 MW. We have the option to use different materials to coat the fins like Electro fin Epoxy, Blygold, ALMg, with cost options for all levels all which are used for very industrial marine environments. All radiators are pressure tested and electrically tested before they are securely packed for shipment. Quality control is at the front of out mind before we ship every product and we adhere to all the relevant ISO standards.

IPC research and development technology facility