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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

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With the ever evolving climate and the help of bespoke technology we can read in real time date and predict the heat flowing through or around an object.

This tool can be used to pre plan site performance for pre planning predictions and can also be used in a worse case scenario for hot air recirculation for remote coolers with problems or power plant which are in very challenging environments or locations. The performance of air coolers can be adversely affected by the design and layout of the site or even the architecture of the landscape the environments also play a big part in selecting the right cooler for the project.

This is why IPC prefer to be at the beginning and the end of every project where we can help and give suggestions on solutions using our experience. IPC can simulate a 3D model design to accurately predict the radiators performance, and once provided with this information take a bedder overall design approach for the selection of the air cooler.

Computational Fluid Dynamic technology