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Remote PHE 1

Cummins QSK78G9 cooling skid

Remote plate heat exchanger cooling skid with HT and LT heat exchngers to cool the engine circuits with isolation valves expansion tanks fuel oil cooler and water circulation pump with a small conecction box. These systems tend to be used when the generator is in standby in the basement and their isnt enough room or air flow for a radiator or the Radiator is remote from the genset over 18 metres away. As the static head of fluid is to much for the Egine genset to cope with so we can design a cooling system to directly cool the genset with plate heat exchangers and use a remote flatbed cooler to cool the plate heat exchngers. This model covers Cummins 600Kw – 1500Kw QST30G5, KTA38-G14, KTA50-G8, QSK60, QSV91, HSK78 Diesel and Gas engines.

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